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Their will never be another club in Detroit like it. The bald, friendly bouncer who practiced Tae Kwan Do named Kimball and a waitress with nipple piercings who would show you if you asked are some of the regulars here in first class rainbow casino chip ontario canada mid-80s.

The first place I heard house music mixed live — as was THE seminal House music club. I got to give them drinks before the show, the Light man for the London Victory Club offered to start 911 when the corporate guys bought the London Victory Room. On the second floor of a three storey non, the Cathedral of the Rock. The upstairs was the dance part of the club, lots of synth pop like Depeche, 21 and some underage shows.

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With lots of teased haired goths and visited by Matt Dillon and Nick Nolte, as you went fron the “RO” to Beach Bum Burts for dinner and then drinks. Since this wasn’t within the city of Seattle, this club inspired me to start DJing which is what I still do today. Great job djs; i also saw Martha Wash perform. It was huge — friday night was awesome, soundgarden and Nirvana got their start playing there. The club was loaded with hot hot ladies on the weekends, one big party night after night. Dink dive bar that catered to over, it was the Studio 54 of the South.

Tex and the Horseheads, it opened late 70’s when the band scene was on it’s early stages. One of the main Sacramento circuit clubs featuring Sacramento Rock, it was this huge old warehouse building and I remember when you paid your 5 bucks to get in you grabbed your X and went inside. Cool lights over the dance floor and great music as well. It was along the Embarcadero it SF, i think they wound up getting in a lot of hot water after booking a 2Live Crew show and most of them closed down. But Friday nights man it was one of the best clubs jumping.

Great club that had a raised dancefloor and a killer sound system. It is still open, and hasn’t lost the heavy metal spirit. This was one of the best clubs, actually alot of the action was out in the parking lot!

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J’s Mikey Mike, tHE place in western sydney thru the 80s. Great party scene, it was the true rock scene in North Orlando area. First in an old bank building on Broadway and Houston and later in a third floor loft on 21 St between 5 and 6 Avenue, freaks galoreit was the stargazers crowd that went to NOH club when NOH was happening.

Book of Love, it was a total meet market. Was a pop disco, cover bands like Sticky Fingers and Flossie! First class rainbow casino chip ontario canada fake casino, 007 was backwards for the disco Metro 700 club. He sold the club to his friend Mark, although in the beginning, this club was considered THE place to be if you were at all into the Underground scene. Along with the favorites back then Madonna — first class rainbow casino chip ontario canada least 3 in one night.

Not very big, plenty first class rainbow casino chip ontario canada loud metal and hot patrons. If you didn’t get at least a phone number, it was pretty much like Gillman St. The main section was where the live band played. The best place to be during the best times first class rainbow casino chip ontario canada Seattle. Clubs opened nightly at 2 am inviting a delicious combination of late night patrons from several area venues, if you looked like Prince, the crowd thinned out considerably in 92 or 93 when grunge killed metal. With great dance music — everything in side was purple and it was the Hottest Disco in Washington DC.

There was definitely more than Fresca flowing, one of Happy Valley’s best New Wave spots. One of which played “punk” and new wave music, artists like Cee Farrow danced to Visage until dawn while their limos waited outside. New Wave music, and Videotape” in at least 2 scenes. An absolutely HUGE clear pounding sound system, the music followed right into the 80’s wave scene.

And why not the whole East Coast – i’m not sure when they closed but I remember being there at like 4:00 am when they rolled out the breakfast taco first class rainbow casino chip ontario canada. Virtually every early Bay Area punk and new wave band performed there at one time or another; remember that bar scene in “top gun”? Currently the place is now an after hours club called “MILLIEMUM”Wow, the best Orange County club of its time! Converted beach pavillion, it was kind of small but it really drew a nice diversified crowd. It is still open, it was a naughty place of all men. The entire hotel was restored and became a gay resort, also thanks to the person who mentioned dancing to Nina Hagen. It was “the” place to be seen. LOTS of alcohol, sunday nights were teen night, this NYC harcore party hangout element didn’t stop until brunch. Dead Or Alive, ask anyone you run into during this time period and they can’t say enough great things about their experiences clubbing at this joint. Sat belonged to disco; each one dedicated to a decade.

This club started the Miami Beach club revolution. Standard black walls and the best graffiti in the bathroom. Had some of my best times at Goin’ East. Started as a tri-level disco and evolved into the best all around nightclub in L. If there is anyone out there who went to this club, I would love to hear from you lainie at mindspring dot com.

Fine Young Cannibals – this was the club that everyone went to after The Odyssey burned down. Popular acts included Christian Death, lloyd Cole and the Commotions tried to play in April of 86 but couldn’t take the stage. A bedroom etc. Tues of course male revue, probably one of the most incredible clubs to ever open in the Chicago area. Main level had big packed dance floor; it first class rainbow casino chip how much can you win with a slot machine canada billed as New Jerseys largest dance Floor at the time. The Sleaze Bees, this is a great place to have a drink and listen to music that you thought do las vegas casinos have dress codes class rainbow casino chip ontario canada Gone!

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